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Bend, Oregon

The Everywhere Oracle

The Everywhere Oracle: A Guided Journey Through Poetry For An Ensouled World

Caryl Ann Casbon 

Released through Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, Inc., Order now on amazon


The Everywhere Oracle Journal: A Companion For Engaging Poetry & Themes in the Everywhere Oracle

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About the Book

Original, deceptively simple, and easily accessible, these poems celebrate the mysterious unfolding of the inner life and point towards the guidance, clarity and meaning to be found in our everyday encounters.

Parker J Palmer

The poems in this collection serve as a witness to the outpouring of grace and guidance available to everyone, everywhere, everyday.  They celebrate how to listen for the intricate moments of synchronicity and meaning permeating our surroundings, friendships, and experiences in nature. They acknowledge the important role asking questions plays in our development.  Finally, they examine the demanding complexities and paradoxes of the change process, including moments of confronting our shadows, resisting change, and growing through its ongoing alchemy of transformation in our lives.

The Everywhere Oracle is unique for a collection of poetry in two distinct ways.  First, by nature, these poems are accessible.  They often include a story, a surprising metaphor, or ask a question that invites the reader to go within.  Second, the book offers a “users’ guide” in the Appendix, where readers are given clear, simple instructions for facilitating book groups. Using the questions written for each poem, readers are encouraged to find their own relationship to the stories and themes, as well as create soulful community dialogue with others. In that sense, this book speaks to the longing for both meaningful community in our society, and a rich communion with the outpouring Spirit all around us.