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Bend, Oregon



A Woman’s Spiritual Retreat

The Everywhere Oracle: Discovering Grace, Guidance & Creativity Through the Alchemy of Change in Women's Lives.

Retreat Dates:: February 12-14,  2016 

Facilitators: Caryl Ann Casbon & Joanne Cooper as co-facilitator

Description:  Building on our success last year of offering this winter retreat for women in Hawaii, it is becoming an annual tradition!  In this retreat, we will be creating a quiet, focused, and discipline space to trace our relationship with change and its alchemical presence in our everyday lives as we explore how each of us, in our own way, "go to the Oracle" to discover guidance, meaning, perspective and grace in our every day lives. As always in a Circle of Trust, the opportunity to be a part of the Clearness Committee will be available.                                                        

Location:  St. Anthony’s Retreat Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

Cost: $495.00 for room and board, and all other program costs.

Enrollment: Please contact Cary Casbon for enrollment details: 


Leading From Within:  A Circle of Trust® Seasonal Leadership Program: Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do

Retreat Dates:

  • Sampler retreat: October 30-November 1, 2015 (3 days, 2 nights)
  • Retreat Series: 
    • Winter 2016:  January 8-10, 2016 (3 days, 2 nights)
    • Spring 2016: April 29-31, 2016 (3 days, 2 nights)
    • Summer 2016: July 29-31, 2016 (3 days, 2 nights)
    • Fall 2016:October 7-11, 2016 (4 days, 3 nights)

Facilitators: This program is co-facilitated with Caryl Ann Casbon and Nancy Edmundson

Description: This program is designated for the leadership of the UU Congregation in Arlington, Virginia.  Contact the church at (703) 982-2565 if you have interest in participating. 




Tending the Light Within:

An Advent Retreat Celebrating the Everywhere


December 4-6, 2015

La Casa de Maria Retreat Center

Santa Barbara, California

Caryl Ann Casbon

As winter approaches there is a natural leaning to go within to seek the shelter of silence, explore our inner depths, and experience the presence of the Divine in our lives just as the holiday season ironically accelerates the external demands upon us.  This retreat, using a Circle of Trust© format based on the work of Parker J Palmer, offers the refuge of a contemplative setting along with opportunities for creative exploration and discernment to explore how we each approach our inner Oracles to discover fresh guidance, meaning, and grace in our everyday lives while enjoying the support of a trustworthy community.

 Based on Caryl’s recently released book: The Everywhere Oracle: A Guided Journey Through Poetry for an Ensouled World, this retreat will explore how we each, in our own way, “go to the Oracle” to tend the Light within. In large group, small group, and solitary settings, we will make use of stories from our own journeys, poetry and various forms of creative expression.  There will be time for silence, solitude and the opportunity to be a part of the Clearness Committee process.

 Please register early, as space is limited for this retreat!

Registration:  To register, go to:, and click on “Programs” where you will find the retreat under December offerings.

Costs:  $415 for residential (program tuition, meals and shared accommodations, and a copy of The Everywhere Oracle poetry book and journal.

Commuter, Non-residential tuition: $315 (program tuition, books and meals included).

Schedule: Friday 7:00 pm - Sunday 1:00.