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Bend, Oregon

Center for Courage and Renewal Facilitator

Caryl with Parker Palmer and Ken Saxon, co-modertors of the Global Gathering for Courage & Renewal Facilitators,  2015 

Caryl with Parker Palmer and Ken Saxon, co-modertors of the Global Gathering for Courage & Renewal Facilitators,  2015 

For the last 25 years, as one of the early inducted facilitators of the Circle of Trust® approach through the Center for Courage & Renewal, I have been leading retreats for professionals in education, leadership, health care, end-of-life care, clergy and congregations, and groups of mixed professionals.  My most recent retreats have focused on issues relating to “Befriending the Unknown,” and “Entering the Heart of Wisdom” and "The Soul of Aging," addressing the rejoining soul & role in the second half of life. 

In Circle of Trust retreats, we focus on creating a safe space for the soul that takes self-awareness and authentic presence—and courage. Based on the work of author, educator and activist Parker J. Palmer, the Circle of Trust approach is a set of principles and reflective practices that help you connect with your inner wisdom, learn to hold paradox, listen deeply, and build trust—and pass those gifts along to others.  Learn more at

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  •     One to three day retreats, or seasonal series for congregational leaders, and various other groups interested in the Circle of Trust® approach.

 Testimonials from the Befriending the Unknown Retreat Series

This program was incredible for me.  I find the process of inquiring into Soul through open & honest questions one of THE most helpful and clear methods of accessing Spirit I have ever seen. The writings of Parker Palmer, being with this wonderful group as we evolved as a community of trust, allowed me to not only reconnect with my soul—but to speak it into being. I am beginning to understand the power of listening to another’s soul as well…as even more challenging for me—daring to share my soul with others, aloud.

-- Practicing therapist


I really feel that this program is a model of what a truly self-governing enlightened society can look like.  How we can come together in true cooperation and find integration for all of our voices both within and without.  It is a bright star showing us the way.

-- Community volunteer

For the past 25 years I’ve been actively seeking personal development. During this past year I have had some of the richest growth of any of those 25 years.  While this retreat program is not my only endeavor, it has been very impactful.  At some point during the fall, I came upon a verbal expression of my mission in life that has been liberating.  My mission is to be a source for love for people in the world.  Being able to express it that clearly, succinctly, and powerfully has been amazing.  Another way I’ve come to say it is, I am a source for love where it appears to be missing.  Additionally, I have woven that into the heart of my law practice.  Our mission is to help our clients express love for their most important people.


 I saw the value of silence—and allowed myself not to engage in conversations and discussion (something I’m not prone to do—so that was new). Also, I sometimes use the tool of asking questions to staff rather than telling them what to do (can’t always do that but sometimes it’s helpful). I learned a lot from fellow retreat participants—this retreat alone I have listed seven major ah-has.  Truly fabulous experience—a wonderful gift this year!

 -- Non profit leader